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SBDSS, the top logistics, and transportation software provider in India, successfully caters to the logistics and freight forwarders in India to make transportation cost-efficient and smooth. Take your shipping experience to a different level, track delivery routes, spend less in fleet operations and delight your customers with our high-tech software solutions for transport and logistics. Our experienced and dedicated engineers and software developers are working with their full potential to help you earn more profits and become a leading company in the transportation business.

Our services

SDBSS is dedicated to offering comprehensive technology and software services for the logistics department of various companies.

Fleet Management Software

The software solutions for fleet management by SBDSS assists in facilitating transport management systems with fleet tracking, vehicle maintenance and more. Being the top logistics and transportation software provider in India, SBDSS develops software with inbuilt telematics, which helps in the seamless monitoring of asset location. Never lose track of fuel consumption and fluctuations, driver’s assignments, asset status, and other fleet-related documents.

Public Transport Software

SDBSS has entered the public transport domain, too, with its technological advancement and professionally crafted software. The areas of specialization are transportation mapping, paratransit dispatch, Route optimization, etc. We live in an app-based world, and SDBSS is very much aware of the advancement of the modern era. With tailor-made apps for monitoring your car’s movement when you are not at the wheels sounds amazing. Our top logistics and transportation software provider in India is no longer a fancy, rather an ultra-user-friendly experience. A driver dashboard displaying all the trip details is the need of the hour, and SDBSS made this possible with its cutting-edge software.

Warehouse Management Software

It isn’t easy to maintain a transport system within a warehouse without perfectly built software to follow the instructions without much manual handling. Our top logistics and transportation software provider in India caters to all the software requirements in warehouse transportation.

Dispatching Software

SDBSS has come up with the ultimate software to maintain uninterrupted communications with the fleet vehicles to ease dispatch communications. The routing software for dispatching enables integrated 3rd party mapping, geo-fencing, fuel consumption tracking, and more.

Car Rental Software

With plenty of car rental apps available, renting a car at an odd hour has become a norm. SDBSS designs car rental software which is feature-rich and seamlessly integrated. It also provides rental fleet management and rental insurance services.

Customer-Centric Logistics Services

Nowadays, customers have choices in everything they are putting their money on. Whether it is a product or a service, the market has become enormously customer-centric. So if you are a retailer, you must have a customer-centric logistic system to survive the onslaught of an offbeat competition. At SBDSS, the top logistics, and transportation provider in India, we help retailers and other business owners meet their customer-centric goals with your purposefully built logistic software.

Our areas of expertise

  • Telematics
  • Customer-centric logistics
  • Asset monitoring
  • Traffic management
  • Fleet management
  • Car rental Apps
  • Public transport
  • Supply chain monitoring

We Help You Achieve All Your Business Goals

SBDSS is a team of experts that know the best techniques to cut down the customer freight and offer shipment consolidations effortlessly. Our group of professionals engages the customers optimally and provides them peerless customer service. Additionally, we have thorough knowledge about the working procedures and methodologies in this field. Thus, we guarantee to offer the ideal services that suit the best for the particular prevailing situation.